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  • Can we be set up next to our friends?
    If they are our client we can certainly connect your tailgates together! Please just let us know at least a week in advance so we can make it happen.
  • Can we drive to our tailgate area?
    Unfortunately, Ole Miss has all access roads blocked with security guards checking for passes. If you arrive before 6am, you can drive down to the Grove and unload your items.
  • Can we hook our crock pot to the generator that my tv rental is hooked to?
    So so sorry, but due to the fact that a crockpot can knock off power more than any other electrical appliances, crockpots cannot be connected to our power source. Ole Miss had outlets in the Grove on trees at one point, but due to so many power outages from crockpots the university completely closed them off. You are, however, welcome to bring a small generator approved by the Universty to hook them to.
  • What time do we have to leave the Grove after the game?
    Ole Miss has a policy that the Grove must empty out 2 hours after the game is over. Just a heads up, they have been very strict on this policy as of the 2021 football season.
  • Can you store our equipment for the season?
    Sure! We can store, set up, and take down your personal equipment for the season. Prices vary based on equipment and storage needs. Please check with us for pricing and to coordinate.
  • Can we get a TV rental?
    Yes we do have a TV provider and TVs available. Click our Book Online button, choose a game, and take a look at our television options.
  • Can you fill up our coolers for us?
    We offer full drink orders. Alcohol, beer, wine, seltzers, mixers, soft drinks and water. We just need all brand names, sizes, etc. the Sunday before your game weekend. Please be aware there is a fee for this optional service.
  • Do your cater?
    Yes, we offer everything from food delivery to full catering and servers. Happy to take care of your catering and food-related needs. Just check with us and we'll put together a package.
  • What happens if it rains on my Gameday?
    Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. We are on site all day and will assist in trying to keep the water off your canopy. We cannot offer refunds or be held responsible for weather issues or other acts of God that arise and are out of our control. Thankfully, most games generally have decent weather.
  • How will I know where my tent will be?
    No worries there. Once your tent is up, we will place a tag at your spot with your name on it! This happens anytime after 10 pm on Friday evening. On a big SEC game it will be after midnight. We can also drop a pin 📍 for your spot. And we are in the Grove all day Saturday in case you need assistance.
  • What time can we access our tent on Gameday?
    Typically after 9 am everything should be ready for your Gameday! You certainly can come by early and drop off items and even stay. If you have a TV rental please note it will be ready after 9am. Please be aware, if you leave items unattended we cannot be responsible for them. Always take appropriate precautions as the Grove is a public space with lots of foot traffic.
  • We have an elderly guest. Is it possible to get our tent near a road or sidewalk?
    Please contact us and let us know of your mobility needs. We are happy to make special arrangements for you. The University also has golf cart service to the Grove. It is available for senior citizens and those with mobility concerns.
  • Can I come back after the game for food or drinks left in the tent?
    Most certainly! Please let us know you are coming back and you have items still at your Tailgate to pick up. We are not responsible for theft or missing items. We do offer an additional service where a member of our staff will sit at your spot while you are at the game to guard your belongings. If interested, please check with us for a price quote.
  • We heard you can’t carry exposed alcohol to the Grove. Is this true?
    You can carry alcohol and beer and seltzers. All alcohol should be in a cooler or bag covered up. All alcohol needs to be poured into a cup. Cans are preferred. Wine and alcohol cannot sit out on your table. If you leave your tailgate, please put it out of sight. Any unattended tents with alcohol sitting on the table may be poured out by UPD.
  • If I rent all seven games, do I get a price break?"
    Please contact us by phone and we will gladly assist you with a full season rate.
  • Can we bring a grill?
    It is not recommended by the university.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds. All sales are final.
  • Do I get to pick my spot in the Grove?
    As much as we would love to do this, it’s pretty much impossible! The Grove is the most sought after tailgating area. We are in the Grove and you will be there too so you can experience that one of a kind Grove tailgating experience. We just cannot guarantee a specific spot.
  • I have a special event. Can you get a cake, flowers and decorate for us?"
    Yes, we love special events! Just get with us and we can certainly take care of your special day requests.
  • Can we bring our dog?
    Yes! Just make sure you have your dog on a leash.
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